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Air Quality Solutions

CECO Environmental Custom Metal Fabrication and Modular Ductwork

When it comes to the capture of fugitive emissions and compliance to environmental regulations, we have you covered. CECO Environmental offers the highest quality and value, and we back it up with engineering, design, fabrication, project management, delivery and installation. From modular components – including clamp-together, flanged and welded – to fully custom industrial sheet metal fabrication and installation of dust, fume and mist control systems, we have a solution to meet your industrial air process needs.

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Premier Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication & Industrial Ventilation Systems

CECO Kirk & Blum

As one of the largest and most experienced custom sheet metal and industrial ventilation fabricators in the United States, CECO Kirk & Blum is a true pioneer. We focus on our customers’ needs for compliance, capture of fugitive emissions and optimizing industrial air processes. From the initial engineering design to project management to system installation, CECO Kirk & Blum is a total solutions provider.

Modular Ducting For Specific Solutions


CECO KB Duct is a leader in standard, modular ducting systems (clamp-together and flanged), individual components and application-specific duct solutions for industrial dust, fume, mist and air handling systems. Our clamp-together, Vanstone Flange and Welded Flange ducting systems can be used in virtually every dust collection system – from wood to paper to chemical – as well as fume, oil mist collection and abrasive applications.

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Connections For Modular Ductwork​

CECO Series 1000 Clamp​

The new standard in clamp technology for modular ductwork, the Series 1000 Clamp has features for easy installation and reduced leakage. Available in galvanized  steel, these clamps hold tight, relocate and hold tight, time and time again. The extra-large handle makes it possible to close, open, move and re-clamp using one hand.

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Trust CECO Environmental

CECO Environmental provides efficient and highly reliable products and services to meet and exceed your challenges. You can optimize your total cost of ownership through our vast range of technologies and solutions for air pollution control and product recovery. From industrial ventilation to volatile organic compound (VOC) and particulate abatement, CECO can equip you with the right resources to ensure you achieve top performance.

Purchasing pollution control equipment can be a complex process, particularly when you have a system that requires many different pieces of equipment. CECO Environmental can take that challenging situation and simplify by meeting all your needs with the full brand of CECO Industrial Solutions Products. Whether you have a project that requires a thermal oxidizer, wet scrubber, blower and ducting or a dust collector, mist eliminator and other filtration equipment, CECO Environmental has you covered. Our CECO Environmental family of brands can provide all your pollution control needs from one source.