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Installation-friendly clamp-together, Vanstone Flange and Welded Flange ducting systems for superior air process control – from dust and oil mist collection, to fume and abrasive applications.

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CECO KB Duct is a leader in standard, modular ducting systems (clamp-together and flanged), individual components and application-specific duct solutions for industrial dust, fume, mist and air handling systems. KB Duct began as a part of CECO Kirk & Blum brand, which has been in operation since 1907.

Speed, Flexibility and the Seal of Approval

We offer fast delivery on clamp-together duct from 3” to 24” in 22-gauge to 10- gauge, depending on diameter, and flanged duct in diameters you can drive a truck through as heavy as 1/4” material. CECO KB Duct’s workforce maintains the highest quality manufacturing standards.

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CECO KB Duct Environmental Custom Fabrication and Modular Ductwork

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Clamp Together Convenience

Clamp together ducting is applicable to virtually every dust collection system from wood to paper to chemical. It is also used in fume and oil mist collection, and abrasive applications. Our KB Duct brand Standard Clamp Together branches are fabricated from 18-gauge material and can be fabricated in up to 10-gauge.

Elbows, straight duct and fittings can be fabricated up to 10-gauge (depending on diameter) for use in such applications as sand, coal or other abrasive applications. Our premium quality materials are designed to hold up even in the harshest environments, are easy to install and modify, and offer very low total cost of ownership.
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Forming A Tight Seal

Led by the revolutionary Series 1000 Clamp, CECO offers a wide variety of joining solutions and gasket materials. This, coupled with galvanized steel material, makes it possible for our KB Duct brand Standard Clamp Together ducting to address even the harshest applications. The standard n-butyl rubber gasket works well for 95% of all applications, but the gasket is also available in FDA silicone, which is appropriate for some food and hi-temp applications. Viton and ePTFE gasket materials address the balance of applications where standard rubbers would be “eaten” away.

Clamp-together ducting should not be used on heavy concentrations of liquid or for conveyance of dust under positive pressures. Such applications should use KB Duct flanged duct with a gasket.

Vanstone Flanged Duct​

CECO KB Duct offers duct with and without flanges (angle rings) in black iron, galvanized or stainless steel, and with or without holes. We can manufacture flanged duct from 3” all the way up to the size you could drive a truck through, and we can manufacture lighter gauges to fully welded product in heavy gauge (even up to 1/4”), all depending upon the application.

The term Vanstone flanged duct refers to a technique where flanges are placed onto the pipe, with the lip turned back at 90 degrees and left loose for a secure metal-to-metal connection when the flanges are pulled together and the Vanstone lips are connected. This allows for easy alignment of the centerline of the components. Premium quality materials are designed to hold up even in harsh environments and offer very low total cost of ownership.

Welded Flanged

CECO KB Duct Welded Flanged Duct is just that – flanged welded to the duct with faces mated together, even in heavy gauge up to 1/4″, depending upon the application. Flanged duct is available up to 20’ lengths depending on the diameter and use premium quality materials for even the most abrasive applications.

Welded flanges can be either intermittent or continuous for a full weld. Standard flanges are galvanized and are also available in stainless steel or black iron. Seam welding is used for 16 gauge and heavier as well as for 25” diameters and larger. KB Duct Welded Flanged ductwork provides low cost of ownership and reliability – install it and gain peace of mind – with custom manufactured solutions beginning at 3” diameters.


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