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From the initial engineering design to project management to system installation, CECO Kirk & Blum is a total solutions provider.

Experts in Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication and Industrial Ventilation

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Turnkey Capability

CECO Kirk & Blum is one of the largest and most experienced custom sheet metal and industrial ventilation fabricators in the United States. Founded in 1907, Kirk & Blum is a true pioneer in the market of filtration, fabrication, and installation of products that excel at compliance, the capture of fugitive emissions and optimizing industrial air processes.

We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of dust, fume and mist control systems and can provide turnkey installation and other services. As an industrial sheet metal fabricator, we can also manufacture custom equipment per customer specifications.

Several unique advantages include installation and product field service, expertise with heavy-duty custom engineered-to-order fabrication of RTO’s, Cyclones, Scrubbers, Bag Houses, Mist Control and Filtration Systems. We have extensive knowledge of system designs including ductwork sizing, proper selection of hood exhaust volumes, and duct gage and stiffener selection. From the initial engineering design to project management to system installation, Kirk & Blum is a total solutions provider.

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Breathe Easier

Facilities breathe efficiently when process air handling complements and works in conjunction with the capture and exhaust of contaminants. We guide our customers through tough challenges like dirty work environments, problems with existing systems or new and updated facilities that require a retrofit.

The Kirk & Blum brand industrial ductwork systems are engineered for optimum efficiency, performance and operating costs. To accomplish this, we offer customers better design, system static pressure selection, proper selection of abatement equipment, as well as testing and balancing of systems after start-up.

With over a century of experience, we have the proven ability to design and deliver containment systems to enhance your processes without obstructing them, while meeting the most stringent environmental compliance standards.

In House Fabrication

For contractors and companies that design and/or install their own air systems, we can also provide standard and custom sheet metal components of the highest quality at low shop fabrication prices with our performance guarantee.

Custom Engineered From The Ground Up, Or Add On

Our Kirk & Blum brand Custom Fabrications are designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials to your specifications and requirements, no matter how complex. Whether we design from a zero base, add to an existing design, or create one part or hundreds, our goal is to help you to optimize quality and performance by using the latest in metal-working technology. Our advanced 3D CAD/CAM modeling systems ensure superior accuracy and production excellence using quality materials and maintaining compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

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